Structural Pallet Rack

Rack System to organize inventory

Strength and Stability with a Structural Pallet Rack

Power and Motion Industrial Sales specializes in the design and implementation of storage rack systems for operational efficiency and improved on-site safety. One of our most popular solutions is a structural pallet rack which is one of the strongest storage builds available.

If your storage or manufacturing facility relies on strict inventory management, a comprehensive structural pallet rack system is the perfect solution to your needs. The racks installed by Power and Motion are manufactured from the highest quality hot-rolled structural steel channels to give the uprights and beams unparalleled strength. Along with the uprights and beams, a structural pallet rack system includes a heavy-duty lower horizontal brace and welded foot protector. 

These racks are completed with a durable powder coating and baked enamel finishes. Adding these two elements ensures a long life for all your racking needs. 

Structural Pallet Racks: Bolted or Slotted

There are two main types of structural pallet racks. A beam-to-column bolted pallet rack system delivers durable and rigid construction that can be adjusted by 2” increments. If superior strength is a priority, this is an excellent choice.

A beam-to-column slotted system contains connections that can be adjusted by 4” increments. Advantages of this kind of construction are trouble-free installation and flexibility of rack design.

Column sizes: 3” and 4” channels

Beam sizes: 3” and greater

Connection style: Bolted or slotted connections


  • Variety of sizes and capacities
  • Slotted is NSF-approved
  • Large base plate
  • Optional: Hybrid structural/roll-formed systems

Applications & options:

  • 100% selective
  • Applications are fully universal
  • Can be used in a variety of all warehouses, big or small
  • Flexibility in design
  • Many options available
  • Can be modified to meet your inventory demands
  • Low cost option
  • Ability to pull orders from racks quickly, which can assist greatly inventory management

Let Power and Motion help you design a workable storage system involving selective pallet racks for your facility. Whether you are located in Atlanta, South Georgia, or anywhere else in the southeast, we can help.