Gravity Flow Rack

Conveyors within a rack structure

Efficient Product Handling with Gravity Flow Racks

Power and Motion of Atlanta, GA offers a variety of Storage Rack Systems for your industrial requirements. Gravity flow pallet racks are a great solution for facilities where high-volume and employee safety are common concerns.

Gravity flow pallet racks act like a conveyor within a rack structure. These racks aid in feeding of pallets and cartons of products to processing, order handling, and shipping departments while keeping employees further away from dangerous forklifts. How do they work? Pallets are placed at the input end and then moved down an incline via gravity and are then pulled off at the opposite end. Gravity flow racks are a clever and efficient first-in, first-out storage rack solution.

Benefits of a Gravity Flow Rack System

High-density gravity flow pallet racks provide an excellent return on your investment. These systems give quick and efficient access to products going out while keeping you up close and personal with your inventory. Keeping safety in mind, gravity flow racks keep employees away from forklifts that are replenishing the racks at the input end. 

At Power and Motion, we proudly offer Ridg-U-Rak storage rack systems. Ridg-U-Rak conducts pallet flow tests using the client’s actual pallet loads for a reliable, efficient, and well-designed pallet rack solution. Not only do engineering and project managers work together to ensure that all specifications are met, Ridg-U-Rak is renowned for offering some of the highest-quality storage products in the industry. Your Power and Motion team can supply any type of installation required.

Details of a Gravity Flow Rack System

The capacity of a gravity flow system is 6 or more bays high and can accommodate anywhere from just a few to 15 positions deep. Utilizing gravity, each pallet is gently staged for picking operations. 

Column sizes:  3 x 2-4”, 3 x 3” and 4 x 3”

Beam sizes:  5 inch and greater

Standard load:  3,000 lbs.


  • Economical roll formed columns
  • Multiple heavy-duty roller options
  • Deeper systems
  • Pallet flow audits and testing
  • Available entry guide
  • First-in/first-out per lane


  • Pick modules and staging areas
  • Distribution centers
  • Large value per SKU
  • High throughput

Contact Power and Motion to discuss a gravity flow rack or other smart storage solutions for your facility.