GorbelGorbel Ergonomic Cranes

Gorbel work station bridge cranes are a proven solution for increasing worker productivity, improving your manufacturing product quality, and providing a safer work environment for your employees. Work Station Cranes can handle the toughest overhead lifting tasks, and Gorbel work station cranes can be installed on any normal 6-inch reinforced concrete floor, or from the existing building's ceiling structure.


mezzanineMezzanine Systems

Power and Motion in Atlanta GA specializes in structural mezzanines to satisfy the specific requirements for a wide variety of applications. We ask questions to understand the intended use of the mezzanine to ensure the final decision will satisfy your need for efficiency and safety under your planned working conditions.


modularofficeModular Office Systems

Modular offices and Potfafab portable buildings offer a cost effective and speedy solution to solve your immediate office needs. Furthermore, modular office installations are a great deal cleaner than conventional construction projects and less disruptive to your facility during the construction phase.


overheadcraneOverhead Crane Systems

R&M Materials Handling has over 80 years of experience in the overhead manual, electric chain hoists and wire rope hoists industry. Our chain hoist and wire rope hoist products and services lead the industry in innovation, performance and reliability.


storageStorage Systems

Power And Motion Industrial Sales specializes in the design, sale, and installation of industrial storage and pallet racking. We are located in Atlanta Georgia, and we have installed pallet rack systems throughout the southeast.


cleanroomModular Clean Rooms

Power and Motion specializes in modular wall construction that enables clean rooms to be constructed in a speedy manner eliminating plant disruption and downtime. The mess of conventional construction is greatly reduced or eliminated using our modular design. Modular clean rooms will provide you with the most cost-effective clean room environment construction.


ConveyorConveyor Systems

We provide high-quality unit handling conveyors at competitive prices. It is our mission to solve material handling problems with unit handling conveyors and technical expertise acquired through years of experience. 24 Hour Shipment conveyors, standard conveyors, modified standard conveyors and special--often times uniquely special conveyors--champion the most demanding applications. Therefore, our success is directly related to our willingness--and our ability--to address your specific need.


engineeringinstallationEngineering & Installation

Power and Motion has an Atlanta based, skilled, experienced, team of material handling installers who have the highest regard for your facility, and the dedication to complete your project installation to your total satisfaction. We take pride in managing your projects from start to finish.


airshowerCleanroom Air Showers

Air Showers offer an effective way to reduce contaminants carried by individuals entering or leaving a controlled area. The Air Shower can be the solution to many contamination problems. Air Shower Tunnels are protected passageways that allow large quantities of personnel to pass into controlled areas.