Industrial Floor Coatings

We provide industrial floor coatings and installation from an unprecedented leader in manufacturing and installing high performance epoxy and urethane floor, wall and lining systems. We specialize in epoxy and urethane floor protection for heavy-duty environments. Our epoxy flooring systems are resistant to chemicals, abrasion and impact. Our Color palette makes our flooring versatile enough for less industrial areas too.


Our epoxy floor is a three-component, troweled, epoxy mortar system. The system consists of an epoxy resin, amine curing agent and selected, graded aggregates blended with inorganic pigments. The floor can be applied at thickness ranging from 1/8 in./3 mm to 1/4 in./6 mm depending on application requirements. The special epoxy floor cures to an extremely hard, impact resistant mortar which exhibits excellent abrasion, wear and chemical resistance and can be used anywhere an epoxy mortar is required


To improve cleanability and increase the resistance to damage from abrasion and chemical spillages, the following coatings are recommended: Stonkote GS4 and Stonkote HT4. Other coating options are available.


Where the total system must be waterproof, use of Stonhard’s Stonproof ME7 membrane system is required, with strict adherence to application instructions. Cove Base To provide for an integral seal at the joint between the floor and the wall, cove bases in varying heights are available. COLOR Stonclad GS is available in 12 standard colors. Refer to the Stonclad Color Sheet. Color variations will exist if the Stonclad GS surface is not coated with a pigmented coating.