Gorbel Ergonomic Cranes

Benefits of Gorbel Bridge Cranes

Gorbel Work Station Cranes will assist your company in improving productivity, increase quality and provide a safer work environment. 

A variety of companies are using workstation bridge cranes to effectively solve their material handling problems and improve the performance of their business.

Benefits of Gorbel workstation bridge cranes:

Increased productivity: A Gorbel crane will help your employees work more productively than traditional I-beam cranes. Gorbel has been shown to increase productivity up to 28% compared with I-beam cranes. This is possible because bridge cranes require less effort to move than I-beam cranes. Customers are able to justify the higher cost with the increased production.

Ease of movement and positioning: These cranes can move a load 3 times more easily than a traditional I-beam crane. This is due to Gorbel’s unique enclosed track design, high strength-to-weight ratio and rigid runways with anti-binding end trucks.

Increased quality: These cranes will increase the quality of goods while reducing the amount of damaged or rejected parts. Because the loads are so easy to move and position, the damage that usually occurs during manufacturing is eliminated.

Improved work force utilization: These cranes can help you reach your goals in material handling. They allow a task to be completed by 90% of your employees. Gorbel has proven that less than 10% of men can safely handle a 4,000 lb. load on a manual I-beam crane. Through the use of the Gorbel crane more than 99% can do so safely.

Modular design: Gorbel’s pre-engineered modular kit design permits easy expansion or relocation. You can adapt the runway length by adding runway sections, free standing support assemblies, and additional bridges.

Better work force utilization: Since physical strength is less of an issue with the use of these cranes, you can better use your work force. This is becoming a pivotal issue for a lot of companies due to a larger percentage of female employees and the aging work force.

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