Chain Driven FMDR

Automated Conveyor Staging Line

Conveyor solutions for: Chain Driven Flat Motor Driven Roller Conveyor (FMDR) Parts Staging. Manufactured by Omni Metalcraft.

The conveyor application: Robotic cell loading and unloading in a harsh automotive manufacturing

The product: 24v chain driven flat motor driven roller conveyor and pop up chain transfer. A 24V Flat Motor Driven Roller Conveyor (FMDR) is an excellent choice when energy efficient, fast and easy installation, low maintenance and minimal spare parts are a primary consideration. The Flat Motor design offers the typical benefits of MDR with space savings and fewer mechanical components for reduced maintenance. The advancements in 24 Volt Motor Driven technology and the high tech world of control cards make 24 Volt Flat MDR Conveyors extremely versatile. The 24 Volt Flat Motor Driven Roller Conveyors differ from traditional conveyors which utilize a continuous running AC Motor to drive the system. A larger system may utilize multiple motors that would be run continuously which adds noise, heat and expense. By utilizing the 24 Volt FMDR technology, these disadvantages are removed and other system advantages come into play. 

The industry: Automotive

The need: An automotive manufacturer needed to install a new, fully-automated robotic cell staging line in a machining environment.

The solution: Omni Metalcraft corp. provided a 24v dc zoned chain driven flat motor driven roller conveyor to withstand machining dust and fluid while also providing the controls and efficiencies of 24v dc flat motor conveyor. The system was zoned to provide fully automated part staging between several robots. 

Flat Motor Driven Roller Conveyor Benefits

  • No gear box allows for quiet, long lasting, low maintenance conveyor solution
  • Saves space by eliminating traditional power transmission components, multiple conveyor lines can be tiered taking up less vertical space
  • Reduced maintenance and spare parts inventories
  • Saves Energy

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