Modular Cable Management Floor

A modular cable management floor is an excellent addition to our modular office space solutions. 

A modular cable management floor is the most economical way to distribute and organize all electronic cabling systems in the modern day workplace. 

Organizational needs are constantly changing and facilities must be flexible to adapt to their ever changing requirements. 

The flooring design in a cable management floor is low-profile, and when installed increases the floor height by only 2-1/2".  The removable tiles for the floor are extremely strong with a load bearing capability in excess of 20,000 Lbs per square foot. The floor tile is made of Portland cement and wood fiber, is not flammable and will not absorb moisture.  The tiles can be finished with a variety of removable carpet squares to create an impressive professional office appearance. 

When it is time to access the cabling, you can easily remove any of the 2' x 2' panels located in a continuous grid throughout the floor.  Data lines and electrical connections can be easily rearranged in a few minutes with little or no extra cost to the floor.


•           Up to four circuits of electrical power per wall infeed

•           Nearly unlimited data distribution

•           Easy, fast and clean installation

•           Requires no alteration of facility structure

•           Can be reconfigured as needs change

•           Requires a mere 2.50 inches of floor elevation

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