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Power and Motion in Atlanta GA is a provider of Gorbel’s G-Force®, Easy Arm®, and G-Jib™ devices. These ergonomic tools are part of an exciting new family of material handling equipment known as Intelligent Assist Devices (IAD’s).

They use exclusive patented technology and an industrial processor controlled servo drive system to deliver unmatched lifting precision and speed. Their fusion of advanced technology and basic human guidance maximizes productivity while minimizing the risk of injury to the operator.

G-Force® Technology: The Smarter Way To Lift Infinite Speed Control Gorbel’s Intelligent Lifting Devices move with the operator. They move as fast or as slow as the operator chooses to move. They are ideal for applications that require high speed at some points in the cycle and slow, precise movements at other points.

Blazing Speeds With G-Force® speeds reaching 200 fpm (61 mpm) and Easy Arm® speeds reaching 180 fpm (55 mpm), these devices travel up to 4 times faster than traditional high-end lifting devices currently on the market, making them the fastest, most precise lifting devices on the planet.

Pinpoint Precision Our Intelligent Lifting Devices deliver unparalleled precision with speeds of less than 1 fpm (0.3 mpm). This gives the operator the control necessary to finesse expensive or fragile parts.

The Safe Alternative Operators want to use our G-Force® technology because it’s easy to learn and easy to use. Our Intelligent Lifting Devices are safer than manual lifting and dramatically reduce worker injury cost.

Float Mode The G-Force®, Easy Arm®, and G-Jib™ units include our versatile Float Mode. With a mere 1/2 lb (227 g) of force on the load itself, operators can precisely orient loads throughout the full stroke range by manipulating the load with their hands.

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