QuikPik Shelving Systems

QuikPik Gravity Flow Rack

Quik Pik Gravity Flow Rack increases efficiency when picking orders in a distribution center, and provides enhanced proficiency on production line assembly bays.  Its unique design allows for more storage in half the space.

 The one, the only, original carton flow rack.

 This flow rack has several advantages over the competition: 

  1. RollaTrak is very versatile. This self-cleaning flow rack is quick and easy to set-up.  QuikPik provides ½” vertical adjustability for frequent lane changes, and is easily assembled or moved without the need for tools. Standard systems can accommodate 25-30 pound per square foot.  New and Improved RollaTrak features can now accommodate 50 lbs. or more per lineal foot.  
  2. The QuikPik system has been designed with smooth front edges, eliminating sharp burrs and protruding hardware. Even the vertical upright frames have smooth, round edges.  Scraped knuckles and other, more serious injuries are greatly reduced using this design.
  3. The Flow Rack uprights are designed with T-slots on both sides, serving as a common post for adjacent units. The end result is savings in both space and money.
  4. The guide rail locks into place, ensuring total stability. Serious injury and disruption of workflow created by rack roll over is eliminated by slipping the rail under the teeth at the rear of the shelf.  The ½” adjustability that the system provides makes lane changes simple and trouble-free.
  5. The combination of 4” and 7” sway braces guarantee rigidity, while the 4” sway brace in the back of the unit allows full use of unit’s height.
  6. T-slots are stamped into the vertical upright frames every 1 ½”. This delivers adjustability within the standard hanger bracket without having to remove shelves.
  7. Square front or layback configurations are possible by adjusting the multiple notching of shelf side rails within the upright.
  8. Strength and rigidity are maintained through the use of cross bracing on the vertical uprights. This allows both Layback and Square Front configurations within the same frame.
  9. Provides one facing per item versus an entire bin or pallet location.
  10. The FIFO inventory system is easily accomplished with this configuration.
  11. The streamlined design reduces employee travel time.
  12. Fewer aisles and increased storage allows for more workspace within the facility.
  13. Enhanced workflow, productivity and accuracy, along with increased employee safety make this product a logical choice.

Installing as many shelves as possible within the optimal pick zone, and arranging items according to pick frequency provides maximum density and pick efficiency.  Arranging items in this manor allows pickers to memorize slot locations, further increasing efficiency.

Ergonomics has become more important in designing a work environment.   In situations where the National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health recommends a 51 lb. maximum weight limit for lifting compact objects, this type of flow rack meets the safety requirement.  A QuikPik Gravity Flow Rack system helps ensure a facility designed for comfort, safety, efficiency and productivity.

Download The QuikPik Shelving Systems Brochure