Drive-In Storage Rack

Ridge U Rak Systems

Does Your Facility Need a Drive-In Storage Rack?

One of the most asked about industrial storage systems is a drive-in storage rack. These systems can house inventory on continuous rails which permit a vehicle to enter the rack structure. This makes it easy to either store or retrieve your products to better utilize them in the manufacturing process. The problem with drive-in/drive-thru storage systems is that they can often be prohibitively expensive. Power and Motion uses Ridg-U-Rak storage products which we believe are the solution to high priced Drive-in/Drive-Thru pallet rack systems. 

A major advantage of the Ridg-U-Rak design is that fewer aisles are needed compared to the standard drive-in/drive-thru rack. Because you will need fewer aisles, you will be able to utilize up to 75% more space and costs are reduced significantly.

Is a Drive-Thru Storage System a Good Option for You?

At Power and Motion we’ve got decades of experience in designing, implementing, and modifying industrial storage systems. Based on that experience, we know that if the design of your plant requires a forklift to be able to enter and exit via the same area, a drive-in pallet rack is a good option. This system offers the highest density storage solution available.

Additionally, if your facility permits a forklift to drive into one end of the aisle, retrieve an item, then drive out on the opposite end, the drive-thru rack is a good option. This style of racking has different entry and exit points but does require two aisles and additional space. Our storage specialists will be happy to help you design a customized system that works for your space.

Why Choose a Ridg-U-Rak Storage System?

Ridg-U-Rak’s inventory management storage systems are perfect for warehousing similar products on like-sized pallets or for colder applications. They are accepted as some of the most advanced products in the industrial storage industry.

Ridg-U-Rak systems are specifically manufactured to endure the abuse of forklifts picking up the heavy pallets. These systems can be manufactured in a variety of rail styles, including “Space Saver roll-formed” and “Structural Angle Rail.” These different rail styles allow for large capacities and ceiling height limitations to be met and also better allows us to work within your budgetary constraints.

Space Saver Rail, Roll-Formed

The roll-formed rail is the strongest rail in the industry based on laboratory testing. It is far superior to any seemingly comparable products with excellent load bearing capacity without deflection or torsional twist. Where height is critical, the Space Saver Rail saves space.

Ridg-U-2000 Structural Angle Rail

Structural Angle Rails come in a variety of material grades and upright column sizes. Lift truck damage is greatly reduced by a combination of high strength rails and Slant-bak frames. 

Features & benefits

  • Increased storage space
  • Depth of system virtually unlimited
  • Fewer aisles


  • Freezer/cooler storage
  • High volume SKU storage
  • Storage of common sized pallets
  • Inventory that needs to be moved out quickly 

Contact Power and Motion today to find out more about our Structural Pallet Rack systems. We are happy to do an on-site consultation to better assess your facility and storage needs.