Work Station Jib Crane

crane coverage outside of main craneGorbel® Work Station Jib Cranes provide excellent coverage in circular areas not efficiently served by a main crane. They’re ideal for supporting tool balancers, air balancers, hoists, vacuum lifters and welding wire feeders. And they can handle up to 200° rotation when column or wall mounted, and up to 360° rotation when floor mounted.

Easy Movement
Gorbel® Work Station Jib Cranes are easier to move and position than traditional I-beam jibs. The cold-formed, highstrength enclosed track design keeps rolling surfaces clean, contributing to easier movement and longer life. The track’s low weight-per-foot reduces the dead weight of the boom. And all Gorbel® enclosed track profiles feature 2° taper in the lower running flange which helps center the trolley in the track, increasing wheel life and allowing smooth rolling of the trolleys.

Unsurpassed Ease of Rotation
The steel enclosed track work station jibs (WSJ360, WSJ200, TSJ50 and TSJ150) weigh less and rotate easier than traditional I-beam cranes. The aluminum wall mounted jibs (AL100) feature extruded aluminum enclosed track that is lighter in weight for even easier movement of the boom.

Precise Load Positioning
A hoist trolley with low rolling resistance and lubricated-for-life sealed bearings combined with easy rotation of the boom help to precisely position and spot loads.

Gorbel trolley wheels are made of DURACOMP 4 - a food grade material that outperforms steel wheels in endurance and destructive testing. Wheels are tapered to match the track flange’s 2° taper, which enhances wheel life and keeps the trolleys running smoothly.

Pre-engineered for Powered Hoists
Hoist trolleys are included in the base price of all Gorbel Work Station Jib Cranes. A factor of 15% of the jib capacity is allowed for the weight of the hoist, trolley and below-the-hook device. A factor of 25% of the jib capacity is allowed for impact (covers hoist speeds up to 50 fpm).

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