Gorbel Rigid Rail Fall Arrest System

Fall Protection with Gorbel Teather Track System

Gorbel Teather Track Line expansion provides superior solutions to efficiently address unique needs of the market. 

To efficiently address unique needs of the market, the Tether Track™ Freestanding Cantilevered Monorail line has been expanded to include as standard:

• Longer spans

• Taller trolley saddles

• Easy to level and install

• Wind and ice load design

• Durable interior track coating

• Corrosion resistant hardware

These cantilevered systems with standard heights from 16’ to 26’ are ideal for outdoor applications such as loading/unloading of rail cars or flatbed trucks, cleaning and maintenance activities throughout the transportation industry, along with numerous other applications. With standard lengths available up to 204’, these cantilevered systems are available in single track and dual track styles.

 Single person systems provide stable, easily accessible fall protection when used with a retractable lifeline and full body harness, while two-person systems are available in both single and dual track configurations. Dual track systems allow workers to easily pass one another without detaching from the system, thus maintaining safety and productivity. As in the case with all Tether Track™ Systems, an industry-leading ten-year warranty is standard.

Each of the self-supported, Tether Track™ Monorail System includes:

• Monorail with splice joints and end stops

• Hanger brackets

• Support assemblies

• Tether trolley (s)

• Hardware

The cantilevered supports provide unobstructed access to the fall protection system. This combined with the popular enclosed track design keeps the tether track trolleys easily rolling by eliminating drag from dirt, ice, snow or other debris. This means that users have a free range of motion through their work activities and their tie-off point remains overhead. Tie-off being overhead is critical to a safe fail arrest by eliminating injury from swing falls and by reducing the clearance requirement necessary to account for swing fall.

In addition to the numerous features that allow workers to select just the right system for their particular application, an array of outdoor coatings is available including a durable outdoor primer/paint (standard), epoxy coating, or galvanized finish.

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