Stainless Steel Ergonomic Crane

Customized stainless steel jib crane

Power and Motion recently completed a stainless steel ergonomic jib crane application in the food processing industry. Stainless steel ergonomic jib cranes are a cost- effective solution for increasing productivity, reducing worker fatigue, and create a safer work environment.

The Project Challenge: The customer was repeatedly lifting 100# boxes from a floor level pallet to a conveyor line 36" off the floor. Power and Motion was tasked with finding a more efficient and ergonomic way of handling the palletized boxes. 
The Project Solution: Power and Motion designed, sold, and installed a stainless steel jib crane. The crane was constructed from 316 stainless steel and capable of handling 250# per lift. The entire jib crane was designed to deal with daily chemical wash-downs.

Power and Motion also utilized an ergonomic vacuum lifting device to pick up the heavy boxes. The combination of the stainless steel crane and the vacuum lifting device created a perfect cost effective solution for our customer.

Reasons for using a stainless steel jib crane: The operators were no longer lifting the heavy boxes manually, reducing the risk of lifting related injuries. The work could now be accomplished by one person, and it could be either gender. The task could now be performed by one operator for an entire shift.

We can also provide: stainless steel bridge crane systems, ceiling mounted or floor supported ergonomic crane systems, stainless jib cranes, and stainless steel articulating jib cranes with true 360° rotation.

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