The New Gorbel Aluminum Gantry Crane

Lightweight Gantry Crane

Gorbel has recently introduced the aluminum gantry crane. The concept of the aluminum gantry crane is to provide the customer with a lightweight gantry crane that can be easily moved to a specific location.  There are several features that make the aluminum gantry crane a smart investment.

The support legs are designed with aluminum channel instead of steel tubing resulting in a dramatic weigh difference vs. a steel gantry.   The aluminum gantry crane is designed to be taken down and moved with ease.   The support legs can be folded in for easy transportation to a new location, and to fit into small storage areas when not in use.  The gantry system is very flexible due to its adjustable height, adjustable span, and its ability to fit into small places.  The gantry trolley is specifically designed for the aluminum gantry crane and it is included with each system.

Please call Power and Motion Industrial Sales for additional information on the new aluminum gantry crane.

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