Supply Room Mezzanine

supply room renovationSupply Room Mezzanine and Modular Office Expansion.

Supply Room Mezzanine and Modular office expansion project for a major manufacturing facility. By: Samantha Hazelwood / Supply Clerk-Technical Support.

We recently completed a renovation of our supply room and maintenance offices. Previously, we had numerous satellite locations that stored several products, and a small core storage area that held the majority of our material.

In order to be more productive, we felt that it was crucial to expand the supply room, so that we could store the critical supplies and fast moving items as well.

Our main storage location was approximately 40'x40’.

While looking for a contractor to build the new structure, we encountered numerous companies that kept recommending items that we were not interested in. They did not want to listen to our needs. Once we contacted Power and Motion Industrial Sales, we realized that we wanted Power and Motion to perform the work. They did not come in and pressure us to purchase anything. They listened to our requests, and gave us recommendations that they felt would best suit our needs.

Our project with Power and Motion consisted of building a new Cubic Designs mezzanine that was designed to withstand a large amount of weight. The mezzanine was installed in between existing building columns and around an existing floor scale.  The mezzanine structure was painted a custom blue color to match our company logo.  The deck surface we selected was ResinDek and it provides a smooth and sturdy walking surface.  

We ordered a brand new shelving system made by Rousseau.  The shelving is much sturdier than the shelving that we have utilized in the past. Along with the shelving, we ordered magnetic strips that will be used for labeling the shelving without destroying the paint.

We had 3 modular offices installed that were manufactured by Portafab. The office walls were designed with reinforced panels so they could support several bookcases. The modular office installation went in without any dust or mess and they were ready to use in a matter of days. The modular offices were finished off with custom furniture designed by us, and built by P&M to accommodate our needs.

By: Samantha Hazelwood / Supply Clerk-Technical Support.

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