What is the Tether Track System?

Tether Track Exceeds Industry Standards

Over the years, there have been many inventions and advancements that have made industry more efficient and increasingly safer.

These improvements include things like better training and understanding of the best way to do a task, higher quality products and stronger more secure tools, harnesses and equipment. The Power and Motion team is pleased to have been a part of the world of industry for many years and has a variety of products and equipment designed to make industry run smoothly and safely. One of these is the tether track system.

The tether track is a 16 to 26 foot cantilevered system that is designed for loading and unloading rail cars, flatbed trucks, cleaning and maintaining transportation and much more. It can reach up to 204 feet and can be set up in a single track, which offers fall protection with a retractable lifeline and full body harness; or, a dual tether track system, which provides the same protection as the single but also allows workers to pass each other without detaching from the system.

The Tether Track™ Free-standing Cantilevered track systems are helpful in a long list of industries. Some of which are mining, engine manufacturing, railroad, automotive and machine shops.

It should be noted that both the single and double track tether systems can be purchased with durable outdoor primer and paint, an epoxy coating or a galvanized finish so you can choose a finish that works best for your particular industry or work environment. The single and dual Tether Track™ systems also have the following features:

  • Monorail with splice joints and end stops
  • Hanger brackets
  • Support assemblies
  • Tether trolleys
  • Hardware
  • Longer spans
  • Taller trolley saddles
  • Easy to level and install
  • A wind and ice load-in design
  • Durable interior track coding
  • Corrosion resistant hardware

The cantilevered tether track system can be combined with an enclosed track design so that it rolls easily, even if there is dirt, ice, snow or debris of any type that needs to be avoided while providing a wide range of motion for your workers. Additional benefits of using the Tether Track™ Free-standing Cantilevered Monorail system include:

  • Less fall clearance – the Gorbel system has a more rigid anchor system than the wire rope so less clearance is required from the anchor point to the floor.
  • Less risk of secondary fall injuries – Should a worker fall, the Tether Track™ system’s trolley or pulley slide moves to the center of the two nearest supports minimizing risks of the worker colliding with any obstacles.
  • Can be configured into an “x” or ”y” full span coverage (aka bridge applications), which are especially ideal for aircraft hangers.
  • Because there is more distance between the supports due to the rigid anchor system installation is easier, there are fewer restrictions on support locations and the cost for materials and installation is lower and more budget-friendly.
  • The Tether Track™ Free-standing Cantilevered Monorail 10-year warranty we provide with each tether track system we install.

The Tether Track™ Free-standing Cantilevered Monorail is a great investment for any industry where a track system is needed to accomplish a task that could be potentially dangerous, or where you want to be sure to meet and exceed industry safety standards. If you have any questions about how a Tether Track™ Free-standing Cantilevered Monorail system can benefit your industry, contact the Power and Motion Industrial Sales today.

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