High Speed Roll Up Door

Durable High Speed Roll up Doors

High speed roll up doors are the perfect solution for dividing important areas inside your manufacturing facility. Some very important advantages to the doors are speed, durability, hygiene and efficiency.

Assa Abloy Entrance Systems will provide your manufacturing facility the most innovative solutions to aid in the movement of people, products, and vehicles. These high-quality roll up doors are manufactured to not only be durable, but also cost effective.

In contrast to Assa Abloy’s competition, rapid opening and closing speeds enable a more efficient flow of products. Because these doors are sealed quicker, your facility will quickly realize energy savings. Assa Abloy can offer larger doors which operate at higher cycles and have advanced safety features. Whereas conventional industrial doors are heavy, slow, and prone to mechanical wear and tear, Assa Abloy’s doors are cost effective, fast operating, and are manufactured with the highest quality components.

These innovative doors can be utilized in a variety of applications:

Cleanroom doors: Assa Abloy’s clean room doors are an excellent option where hygiene or sterility is a major concern. Their rapid opening speeds, solid construction, and tight sealing create an effective barrier against intruding particles. The features of these roll up doors help to fulfill the necessary standards and clean room guidelines.

Machine protection doors: Assa Abloy’s type-tested machine protection doors will ensure a safe work environment and will keep production lines moving. They can be manufactured out of fabric or rigid door blades. They offer the most reliable protection. These doors can be opened and closed rapidly, which ensures short cycle times as well.

Food processing doors: Assa Abloy’s doors are ideal for food processing. They operate smoothly and can be cleaned easily which are vital advantages to requirements for a hygienic environment, like a food processing facility. These doors operate well in passages and as a means of closing off hygienic areas, where their rapid function helps to maintain a constant temperature.


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